tucker brunson 0cg3

tucker put in work for this. only to have the hard drive blow up spoiling the rest of the video. enjoy what was recovered.


the chicken's revenge

ben and i threw together this little edit. enjoy

we're back!

sorry for the lack of posts.
this will be fixed as of now


Vanity Post

KozDawg came out for the dew tour and we meet up with him to shred. Of course he documents the whole thing being the guy he is.


Purest Style Ever

This dude kills it all while making it look effortless. I love his style kinda like Garret Burns


calling out all fixed gear riders, unicycle riders, come to the bitchin' beach party.

a cash prize of up to $3 will be awarded to anyone who jumps at this year's bitchin beach party on either a fixed gear or a unicycle.


beach party on for saturday.

fat lady beach Pictures, Images and Photos

it will be at the same spot as always, windsurfer beach at pineview dammn. 

from I15 take the 12th st exit and head east, follow 12th up thru ogden canyon, as soon as you see the dam, get ready to drive over it. follow the road over the dam to the first parking lot, and walk down the hill.

bring yo honeys

*you can bring your own bike if you want, just put a life jacket on it or it may be eaten by a tiger muskee.


Dream Destroyers

I was lurking the net and came upon a article about these pool skaters in Tucson called the Dream Destroyers. But yeah they are Gnar they pulled a knife on one of my buddies in Tucson when he came upon their spot while they were skating. Its a pretty mean scene down that way. http://www.balanceskatemag.com/issue6_www/az_destroyers/destroy01.htm

But yeah lets start protecting o town spots like this! Making it hard as shit!

PROTECT YO SPOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO HOMO

(I am completely kidding, though I have heard rumors of Nick Fletcher punching kids in the face not because they were spoiling spots but in the name of Dethklok, and yeah keep your gems to yourself unless you are telling me about it)


let's talk about polygamy.

every time i'm out of state, and i tell someone i'm from utah, i always get the same two questions.

1-are you mormon?
2-how many wives do you have?

smash brothas.

one of the few hip hop groups from ogden that isn't just a bunch of fat white dudes wearing parachutes for clothes.